3 Ways To Spend Your Training Budget

Betsy Hsiao, February 27, 2024

Gaining and maintaining FDA compliance is an ongoing commitment, which means it’s important to allocate your annual training budget wisely. 

Don’t let your training dollars go to waste. Instead, prepare your team for better compliance by stocking up on Registrar Corp’s regulatory compliance courses.   

Here are three ways to spend your training dollars this year.

Catch Up on Food Safety Education  

From FSVP to PCQI, food safety professionals must stay current on —and comply with— many FDA regulations. Registrar Corp offers dozens of food safety courses for regulatory and quality assurance professionals, production managers, and production workers.   

 Some of our most popular courses include:  

  • PCQI Online Training: Comprehensive training to help you become a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. Work on developing FDA-compliant Food Safety plans and earn an official FSPCA certificate.  
  • SQF Practitioner Training & Implementation: Fulfill SQF Edition 9 requirements for SQF Practitioners. Course takers learn to document, implement, and audit SQF systems and earn a certificate of completion.  
  • HACCP Certification: International HACCP Alliance-approved certification course. This course teaches HACCP requirements and how to write a HACCP guide step by step.  

Keep Up With Medical Device Regulations  

Medical devices come with stringent compliance regulations worldwide. By stocking up on industry online training, you can better prepare to comply with US and international requirements.   

Registrar Corp’s medical device course offerings include:  

  • Implementing ISO 13485: Introduction to the requirements of ISO 13485. This course teaches medical device industry professionals to build an ISO 13485-compliant quality management system.  
  • European Medical Devices Regulations (EU MDR) Training: Get an overview of European medical device requirements. Learn about the expanded regulations, device classification and labeling, and more.  
  • Introduction to 21 CFR 11: Introductory course on Part 11 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Establish an understanding of FDA’s requirements for electronic records and signatures.  

Prepare for MoCRA Enforcement  

Cosmetics facilities now need to comply with FDA’s current and upcoming deadlines for the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) enforcement. From facility registration to product listing and labeling, there are a lot of new regulations, steps, and processes to learn.

Registrar Corp now has a range of cosmetics and MoCRA-focused courses to help you comply with FDA.   

We offer an 8-course library on MoCRA regulations as part of our Online Training platform. It covers topics such as:  

  • Facility Registration and U.S. Agent Responsibilities  
  • Cosmetic Product Listings and the Responsible Person  
  • FDA Cosmetic Labeling Guidance with MoCRA Updates  
  • Cosmetics Registration and Listing Portal  

Prepare for MoCRA enforcement by having all the information on cosmetics requirements, compliance deadlines, and more.  

Why Use Your Training Budget With Registrar Corp?    

Gaining and maintaining FDA compliance is an ongoing commitment. Prepare your team for better compliance this year with Registrar Corp’s Online Training. 

We offer hundreds of courses that have served over 25,000 global professionals across industries. Our self-paced online training courses are designed to help you comply with a wide range of FDA regulations.  

Registrar Corp works with professional auditors, consultants, trainers, assessors, and business executives with decades of international experience to develop and instruct each course. We also partner with many industry organizations to provide approved training.  

Thanks to the quality of our courses and global professional partnerships, Registrar Corp’s Online Training platform has earned a 4.7/5 rating on TrustPilot.   

Use your training dollars wisely by browsing Online Training’s course offerings today.