Better Process Control School Training

Cynthia Weber, May 3, 2023

Better Process Control School

The FDA requires that operators of thermal processing systems work under the direct supervision of a person who has successfully completed a course provided by a recognized Better Process Control School (BPCS) provider. Registrar Corp is a recognized BPCS provider and offers online training that meets FDA requirements.

Registrar Corp’s new online training program is the latest FDA-approved Better Process Control School (BPCS) offering on the market and features an up-to-date curriculum based on the 9th edition of “Canned Foods: Principles of Thermal Process Control, Acidification, and Container Closure Evaluation.”

Specifically designed for regulatory and quality assurance teams processing low-acid and acidified foods, all BPCS courses through Registrar Corp are entirely online with self-paced training, making it easy for team members to take the courses anytime, anywhere.

The courses feature videos and interactive exercises, trainees can apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and feel confident when applying these skills in the workforce.

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