Most Recommended Online Food Safety Training for Employees

Cynthia Weber, July 5, 2023

BRCGS, Food Safety, FSMA, FSSC 22000, GFSI, ISO 22000, SQF

When it comes to FDA regulations and their enforcement practices, a business can easily be set back or even crippled by various violations. From detainments at the port of entry and outright product seizures, to recalls and facility registration suspension or debarment, access to food safety training for employees has become critical to assuring continued FDA compliance.  

With so much at stake, you want to assure your team is equipped with up-to-date and quality courses that will arm them with the skills and know-how to defend against FDA violations.  

That’s why we put together this list of the most recommended courses experts in the food safety industry insist will keep your production teams in the FDA’s good graces.  

Going Deep With Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) 

It should be no surprise that if you want to train your production teams for FDA compliance, GMP food safety training for employees is an absolute must. They will learn the safety protocols and guidelines to prevent contamination during manufacturing and processing throughout every stage of production such as: 

Allergen Management 

When employees learn allergen management, they learn a process that serves to identify and control the risk and presence of food allergens, whether in raw materials, finished products, and everything in between. 

An effective allergen management program will provide structure around identifying allergen risks within your business and also contributes to safe food. 

Food Contamination 

Whether by ambient dust, hair, or other foreign objects, production teams need to understand how to prevent food contamination by keeping their environment—and themselves—in check. 

It is easy to contaminate food, either by subpar personal hygiene or lack of proper education and training. The simple act of wiping nearby surfaces down can send chemicals and other contaminants soaring toward your product. 

Learning how to prevent food contamination will set your food production teams up for overall compliance. 

Foodborne Illness 

The last thing you want is an outbreak traced back to your facility.  

With the right food safety training for employees, you can help prevent foodborne illness with techniques like following HACCP plans, cooking and refrigerating to proper temperatures, and how to properly sanitize and rack trays, utensils, and equipment. 

Pest Control 

It’s safe to say, birds, rodents, and insects don’t belong in the facility. When your team leverages pest control training, they can identify risk areas and how to keep product stored in a way that doesn’t invite unwanted guests or FDA violations.  

Understanding where to look and how to shelve products will keep operations clean and sanitary for both your employees and your consumers. 

Food Defense 

The food and beverage industry has become an intricate web of global complexity and diversity. Though this is a good thing, it has opened up the potential for greater threat from intentional adulteration and contamination from malicious parties intent on affecting public health and the economy. 

Responsible manufacturers will want to ensure food safety training for employees that addresses food defense and the strategies necessary to keep product safe. 

Simplify Food Safety Training for Employees With RegiLearn 

With RegiLearn Libraries by Registrar Corp, your team has easy access to quality courses tailored to every level of your production team. Whether you need HACCP courses for management, GMP trainings for production workers, or specialized FDA compliance modules for your regulatory staff, RegiLearn provides your team with up-to-date trainings from top industry experts. 

We not only offer the above courses, but you and your team also gain access to individual libraries specifically tailored to your roles.  

Production and Food Safety Managers are even able to purchase only the seats they need for their teams, assign individual training, and track an employee’s progress. 

Discover how you can gain and maintain FDA compliance with RegiLearn.