ISO 22000: A how to guide – Step 4

Cynthia Weber, March 31, 2010

ISO 22000

Step 4: Design and document your ISO 22000 system

With the team approach to implementation, there is a team assigned for each of the processes that must be documented. For example, a team assigned to work on the document control system and procedure will work together to make any changes to the current system to bring it into compliance. Then they will document the procedure as well as any necessary work instructions or forms.

The team uses information from the Gap Analysis to determine what must be done to bring the process into compliance. They may also use a pre-written procedure to assist them. This will provide them with a foundation to work from as well as an example of a process that complies with the 22000 requirements. They will tailor the procedure to reflect your processes.

More information on documentation and a documentation package