ISO 22000 Food Safety Team

Cynthia Weber, April 22, 2010

ISO 22000


The Food Safety Team will need to work on identifying what regulations apply to your organization. Use the expertise of the members of the food safety team as well as any experts, organizations, and publications in your industry. The codex web-page is another good resource.

Assign responsibility for evaluating your GMPs and PRPs. Audit the processes in place to ensure that they are meeting requirements and ensuring that the environment is sufficient to produce safe product.

These steps lay the foundation for your Hazard Analysis and the beginning of your HACCP Plan.


Meanwhile, the ISO Steering Team should work on establishing a Food Safety Policy, and project timeline and responsibilities for the Food Safety Management System implementation. Use a Gantt chart to list the tasks and timing for each step of the project. Assign responsibilities to individuals or teams for each of the steps. The ISO 22000 Steering team will coordinate the project plan, and make sure that each person or team has the resources needed to complete their tasks.

This team plays a key role in the success of the project. By assigning the timing, tasks, and responsibilities the team is laying out the foundation of the project. The team must watch the progress of each task, follow up with the responsible people and help resolve questions or problems that arise.

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