ISO 22002-1- New Technical Specification on Prerequisite Programs

Cynthia Weber, February 10, 2010

ISO 22000

This newly released technical specification gives detailed requirements for food manufacturers to follow when implementing prerequisite programs for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems. The specification is based on the PAS 220 that was developed for use in the FSSC 22000 Registration scheme.

The Global Food Safety Initiative wanted to see more specific PRP requirements added to ISO 22000 before benchmarking the standard and voting on approval. By adding PAS 220 requirements to ISO 22000 they created FSSC 22000, which has now been benchmarked. Final approval is pending and will be addressed at the next GFSI board meeting.

ISO/TS 22002-1 will play a similar role. By using ISO/TS 22000 along with the ISO 22000 standard when developing a food safety management system, manufacturers will have more guidance on the specifics that are required for their PRPs.