The Best Food Safety Regulatory Compliance Training Online

Cynthia Weber, July 13, 2023

Regulatory professionals need the highest quality and current food safety courses to help keep operations in compliance with FDA. Courses that aren’t time-consuming. When it comes to finding regulatory compliance training online, courses that cover concepts like detentions and import alerts, or how to prepare for and conduct recalls are staples for a healthy supply chain.  

That said, food safety regulatory compliance courses that help prevent detentions and recalls are even more essential. Understanding one of the most common causes for FDA Actions —Labeling Errors— will help keep you compliant and assure the product keeps moving. 

That’s why we put together this list of the most effective courses that experts in the food safety industry insist will keep your business in FDA compliance and avoid crippling detentions and recalls. 

Food Facility Registration 

For facilities engaging in manufacturing, processing, packing or storing food intended for consumption within the United States, sourcing a quality course that covers how to register with the U.S. FDA is essential for business. 

Failing to accurately register and file appropriate documents can lead to major setbacks and violations.  

Food Labeling for Allergens

To protect individuals with food allergies and other food sensitivities, FDA enforces various regulations that require businesses to list their ingredients on each packaged food and beverage. 

Sourcing courses that discuss major food allergens that must be declared on US food labels and mandatory labeling declarations is key to ensuring food safety compliance. Knowing when and why advisory labeling is used, is just as important.  

Detention & Import Alerts

Courses that detail Import Alerts, as it relates to foods and dietary supplements, is another critical subject for regulatory staff.  

If you are a manufacturer in a country outside of the USA who wishes to export your products to the United States, or you are a US importer who wishes to import products from non-US suppliers, sourcing courses on this topic will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate and avoid detentions. 

Labeling Dietary Supplements

Labeling requirements for dietary supplements differ from those for conventional foods and beverages. Ensuring your supplement labels are in compliance with these regulations is of vital importance for your product reaching market. 

To assure compliance, you’ll want to find courses that cover what goes on the label. You’ll also want to find courses that explain why these required items on the label are necessary and how they differ from traditional food labels. 

Preparing For & Conducting Recalls

When it comes to FDA Recalls, you will want to find courses that equip you with key considerations you need before, during and after an incident.  

Courses like these teach you how to obtain, analyze and use information to take quick action to benefit both the public health and the health of your business. 

Nutrition Fact Labeling

When sourcing regulatory compliance training online, one of the most frequently violated safety issues is the proper labeling of nutrition facts.  

You’ll want to find quality courses that discuss how FDA determines the serving size for foods, specify which nutrient values are to be included in the nutrition facts labeling, and how these are calculated and prepared.   

You also want to look for training that discusses how to approach the development of your nutrition facts label while ensuring it is compliant with FDA regulations. 

Food Additive Regulation

Courses that cover food additive regulations will introduce you to the way FDA regulates ingredients added to conventional foods and beverages.   

Understanding the status of each ingredient is crucial when you’re a domestic producer or even a non-US entity exporting food products to the United States.  

Labeling Health Claims

Labeling requirements for making claims about a food in relation to a reduction in the risk of certain health conditions are very stringent.  

Ensuring your claims are in compliance with these regulations is paramount in compliance, whether you are a domestic producer or a non-US entity exporting food products to the United States. 

Color Batch Certification

When it comes to color batch certification, you will want a course that will introduce you to the way certain color additives must be batch certified by FDA prior to their use in food and beverages. 

Understanding which color additives require this certification and the process by which it can be achieved is vital to maintaining compliance and keeping products out of detention. 

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