Resources for Food Safety Certification

Cynthia Weber, June 25, 2013

BRCGS, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, SQF

What resources does a company need to build a certified Food Safety Management System (FSMS)?

Gap Analysis Audit

First, it is important to recognize the systems that may already be in place to manage food safety. Identify processes you have in place, including:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Prerequisite Programs (PRPs)

You will incorporate these into the new FSMS. A gap analysis can help you identify what you have in place already, and highlight the tasks that need to be completed to bring your system into compliance.


Basic knowledge of food safety management systems is needed so you can make an informed choice of the Certification Scheme that you will use. Learn about the standard your company is using:

Project planning and management

The next resource you will need is project planning tools or assistance.
The project leader will need to know how to organize the project, break it into manageable steps, train the food safety team, and assign a timeline and responsibilities to each step.
Resources to use:

This tool breaks the project down into steps, outlines the steps on a chart and a project task list guides the project leader through assigning responsibilities for each of the steps, and allows the project leader to assign online training courses to other team members or employees for completion.

Employee GMP Training

Train your employees on the GMPs that they must comply with to ensure food safety. Create your own or use our online training program and quiz. Be sure to follow up your training program with a quiz to measure effectiveness.

Internal Auditor Training

Effective internal audits require thorough training of the audit team members. Train 2-10 auditors, depending on the size of your company. As you choose the number of auditors to train, remember that auditors cannot audit their own work. You should also take into account workload demands and the need to be able to pull from a pool of auditors if one area or another is particularly busy when an audit is due.
Use our proven, convenient Online Internal Auditor Training