Cynthia Weber, October 24, 2012


If a company is compliant with SQF, is it safe to say that one is also compliant with the FDA?

Not necessarily. The requirements emphasize different aspects. The FDA is regulatory, the SQF code emphasizes food safety management. SQF does require that you comply with all applicable regulations, such as FDA. So a certified company is expected to comply with all relevant requirements as part of the Certification.

How do you know which regulations are not included in the SQF Code?

The SQF code does not actually contain FDA requirements.   Think of the SQF code and the regulations that apply to your organization as separate things. Identify all the requirements that apply, and then build your SQF system as well. The SQF emphasizes process management to manage food safety issues that can be used by many different industries, not specific regulatory requirements that can vary by industry and country.

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