The food safety modernization act and GFSI Certification

Cynthia Weber, June 25, 2013


Can a GFSI-recognized certification help your organization meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act? Take a look at the 5 proposed rules under FSMA, and you will see a significant relationship between what is being considered and the current approach of GFSI-recognized food safety certification requirements.

FSMA Proposed rules

  1. Produce Safety Standards – (Published Jan. 2013)
  2. Preventive Controls for Human Food – (Published Jan. 2013)
  3. Foreign Supplier Verification Program
  4. Preventive Controls for Animal Food
  5. Accredited Third-Party Certification

An organization certified to a GFSI-recognized standard will be well on its way to meeting the proposed requirements of FSMA. A GFSI system will have preventive controls and risk analysis in place, a supplier verification program, and an accredited third-party certification.
Congress has mandated the FDA to establish an accredited third-party certification program where FDA will recognize accrediting bodies and set standards for accreditation and auditors. They have stated their intention of collaborating with GFSI and building on the foundation GFSI has built for credible certification programs.
“Third-party certification is central to FDAs vision of a system that provides a system that provides significantly elevated assurances about the safety of food..”

Michael  Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods, speaking at the Global  Food Safety Conference, Feb 16, 2012

It seems clear that working towards Food Safety Management Systems Certification will take companies in the right direction for the future, meeting customer demands, managing food safety risks, and now meeting FSMA developments.