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FSSC 22000 Grows in Popularity

What does this mean for your organization?

Over 20,412 certificates have been issued for FSSC 22000 in 154 countries, and interest in the standard is growing worldwide. With many multinational food companies asking their suppliers for GFSI recognized certification, companies across the globe are pursuing FSSC 22000 certification.

Why is this important to your organization?

As FSSC 22000 becomes more popular and widely accepted across the globe it becomes more and more likely that your customer will be looking for their suppliers (including your organization) to become certified. It is important to understand what the certification is, and what it involves so you are ready to answer when your customer asks: "Do you have a GFSI recognized Food Safety System Certification?" Click here for implementation tools and get started on your system today.

So first, what is GFSI? GFSI is the Global Food Safety Imitative; they do not certify companies, and they do not have a certification standard of their own. They are a group of food retailers, multinational food manufacturers and other interested parties that recognized a problem with the number and variety of food safety standards that existed across the globe. The systems varied in what they require, the way the certification was managed. How can a supplier know what certification they could depend on?

GFSI established a set of criteria that must be addressed in any certification scheme that they would recognize. They then benchmarked the various schemes against that criteria, and determine which ones they would recognize. FSSC 22000 is one of those schemes.

When you build and implement an FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System, you can be confident that it will be recognized by your customers. If you have not yet been asked the question "Do you have a GFSI recognized Food Safety System Certification?", you can be fairly sure that you will be hearing it soon. Learn about FSSC 22000 today so you will be prepared.