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Getting Started with SQF Certification

Using Convenient Online Training, Templates and Guidance

Suggested Steps for SQF Implementation:

1. Designate and Train the SQF Practitioner

  • Hold a management meeting and designate the SQF Practitioner. They must be an employee of the company. The person that is managing food safety is a good choice (Food Safety Manager, HACCP Coordinator, Quality Manager and any of these may be a good choice for this responsibility)
  • Train the practitioner (Online training for the Practitioner
  • If the designated practitioner is not already trained in HACCP, sign the practitioner up for a HACCP Course. Choose a classroom course or an online course.

2. Train the management team

  • The management team completes training on the system elements so they are informed on what the system requirements are for SQF.
  • Sign the management team up for Introduction to SQF. This training explains the requirements of SQF.

3. Prepare for the Gap Analysis

  • The practitioner completes: The Gap Analysis Checklists and Tutorial: a training session that Includes checklists for the System Elements and Food Safety Fundamentals (Module 2 and the appropriate Food Safety Fundamentals Module)

4. Schedule the gap analysis

  • Schedule your gap analysis. Inform all areas of your facility of the purpose of the gap and the days that the auditors will be coming through so everyone is aware and ready to assist.
  • Complete the gap using the forms and checklists the practitioner has been provided with through the online course.
  • Use the information from the gap analysis to complete implementation plans included in the SQF Complete Training Package and the Premium All-in-one Package for each of the processes on the schedule.

5. Assign an individual or a team to implement and document each required process. Provide the team with the procedure template, implementation plan and gap information.

  • Practitioner completes Templates and Tutorials Training
  • Practitioner completes tutorials, downloads procedure templates, forms templates and implementation plans to provide to those implementing the process.
  • Practitioner schedule the implementation teams, and assign a target timeline.
  • Teams review the implementation plan and customize the plan and schedule based on the gap results and information from practitioner.
  • The practitioner will review the implementation plans and provides feedback to the team.
  • The team customizes the procedures and forms as needed for the organization, implements the process by training employees and making necessary changes to existing processes. Team submits documentation to the Practitioner
  • The Practitioner and management review the documentation and recommend changes as needed. Once finalized the practitioner and management approve the documentation.

6. Train your audit team

  • Designate 2-6 people (or more) depending on the size of your facility.
  • Assign Online Internal Auditor Training to each person. (2 Sessions included in Premium All-in-One Package)

7. Conduct Employee Training

  • Assign Employee GMP Online training to employees. Employee GMP Training teaches the production employees the Good Manufacturing Practices required in food processing environments.

8. Start your internal audits and management review meetings following the processes defined in the new procedures based on the templates provided and customized by your teams.

9. Have your document review by the certification body you have selected.

  • Correct any findings and address any opportunities for improvement that the auditor has identified.

10. Continue internal audits and management reviews.

11. Have your certification audit, and celebrate your results!

    sqf training for edition 8

    SQF Edition 8

    Online training for SQF Edition 8. Training for Practitioners, Internal Auditors, Downloadable Templates, Employee Training and more.

    Edition 8 Courses

    Our SQF course series includes:

    Introduction to SQF

    The Gap Analysis Checklists and Tutorial

    SQF Templates and Training

    SQF Internal Auditing

    You may register for the courses one by one, or order the complete series in one of the economical training packages.

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