Drinks Media Wire – 22000-Tools.com Helps Food Companies Prepare for the Newly Approved FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System

(Drinks Media Wire). New package released to help food companies meet the requirements of the recently approved FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System. A new Food Safety Standard, FSSC 22000, has received approval from the Global Food Safety Initiative, and will soon begin influencing food manufacturers all over the globe. With food safety problems making new headlines every day, it is more important than ever for food manufacturers to have an effective food safety plan in place. Registration to a globally recognized scheme is the preferred approach for manufacturers. 22000-Tools.com has released a Complete Documentation and Training package to provide the tools to design and implement an effective Food Safety Management System and achieve Registration to FSSC 22000 or ISO 22000. By providing training, project management tools, guidance and document templates to address the requirements of the standards, the package enables a company to carefully design and implement their own system for food safety management and achieve Registration.

According to Cynthia Weber, President of 22000-Tools.com, companies all over the world are benefiting from the package. “For example, our package assisted a drinking water plant in Rwanda achieve registration. They were the first in the Central and East African region to get Registered. It has been exciting and interesting to work with such a variety of companies, from a blueberry farm in Maine, to a luxury Hotel in Saudi Arabia, and a winery in Albania. We are always here to help our customers, and share in the excitement of their Registration.”

Ms. Weber states that the power of the package is its ability to help companies without the use of a consultant. The package provides a framework or foundation for the Food Safety Management System. The project manager and food safety team can follow the steps in the workbook, and implement the processes outlined in the procedures to guide them through the design of their system. The workbook is a step by step guide that ensures that each company evaluates and addresses the food safety issues in their own facility, leading to an effective food safety management system.

For more information, project managers, food safety team leaders and others can visit www.22000-Tools.com and download a free presentation. There is also a wealth of information on the site to familiarize visitors with the requirements of the standards and implementation techniques. A variety of packages and tools can be purchased and downloaded immediately to help companies get started on their own food safety management system. The package is also available in Spanish from www.Norma22000.com.

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