Food Safety Team Leader

Project Leaders

The different standards have different titles for the lead role in the implementation team and management system. For SQF you will have an SQF Practitioner, for BRC a HACCP Team Leader and for FSSC 22000 you will need a Food Safety Team Leader. The roles are similar, all have responsibilities for leading the implementation, for maintaining the effectiveness of the system and leading a HACCP or Food Safety Team.

It is important for the leader and team to have required training. It is also important that management and employees understand what certification means, and their role in complying with the requirements of the system.

Plan a training program for:

  1. The Team Leader (SQF Practitioner, HACCP Team Leader or Food Safety Team Leader)
  2. The Team (HACCP Team or Food Safety Team)
  3. Management
  4. Employees
  5. Internal Auditors

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