FS22000- The new way to say FSSC 22000

Realizing that FSSC 22000 is a cumbersome way to refer to the Food Safety System Certification 22000, the board of stakeholders has determine to use the abbreviation FS22000. The official name will not change, and the website is still www.fssc22000.com but we can all refer to it by the short and easy to say name of FS22000.

We recommend the FSSC 22000 Implementation Training & Tools Package for a successful FSSC 22000 implementation.

Recent activity and updates for FS22000 include review by the Horizontal Harmonization Committee of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). The EA will review the scheme for possible acceptance by EA; we can expect news in May.

Twenty six certification bodies have signed provisional licenses with FSSC and can move forward with demonstrating competence.


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