ISO 22000: A how to guide – Step 1

Step 1: Learn about 22000 Food Safety Management Systems

The first step in your progress towards building your Food Safety Management System is to understand what the ISO 22000 requires and how it will affect your organization.

If you need to learn about the standard, I recommend these resources:

What is ISO 22000: Read an article about the standard to get an overview.
What is FSSC 22000?: Learn how this differs from ISO 22000
Choosing your system: ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000?

ISO/FSSC 22000 : Download our Free 22000 PowerPoint presentation for a summary of the requirements

Introduction to 22000 Training : Purchase and download our computer-training program for a detailed explanation of the requirements. You will be able to start learning immediately and be ready to lead your project. The training includes a final quiz, and if that is passed a certificate of completion is issued as a training record.

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