Making the Decision to Register to a 22000 Food Safety Management System

Making the decision to register to ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000

When you are evaluating 22000 Registration, you will need to know what it will take for your organization to build the Food Safety Management System (FSMS), and what the benefits of registration will be. The answer will be different for every company. It depends on the current system that you have in place, the size and complexity of your organization and the products that you produce.

Find the answer for your organization by first understanding what the standard asks of you, and then by comparing it to what you have in place. Start by gathering information and learning what the standard requires. Have you reviewed our introductory presentation? You can watch that presentation right here through our blog. You may also download a copy to present to your team.

Once you have a basic idea of what the standard requires, it is time to understand the requirements in more detail. For a computer-based training that you can download and use right  away, I recommend our “Introduction to 22000 Food Safety Management  Systems“. This Computer-based training program covers all of the requirements of the standard so you know what you will need to  include in your FSMS. This is also a great program to use to train employees on the basics of ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

More detail on making the decision

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