Publicly Available Specification: Prerequisite programs on food safety for food manufacturing

PAS 220
This specification, developed by BSI with industry input, is designed to specify requirements for Prerequisite Programs for food manufacturers. This PAS can be incorporated into the scope of your ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System to meet the requirements of FSSC 22000, which has been submitted to GFSI for benchmarking.

This is important to any food manufacturer whose customers want to see a GFSI food safety managment system in place.

ISO 22000 and the PAS 2200
did PAS 220 come about? When the Global Food Safety Initiative reviewed
ISO 22000 for possible benchmarking, the concern that arose was that
the ISO 22000 standard was not specific enough about the PRP programs
required for food manufacturers. To address this issue so the ISO 22000
Standard could be submitted for benchmarking, the PAS 220 was
developed. The development was sponsored by the Confederation of the
Food and Drink Industries of the European Union, and input obtained
from multinational food organizations including Kraft foods, Nestle,
Unilever and Danone. The specification is available from BSI.

certification scheme was assigned an “owner”, The Foundation for Food
Safety Certification, (FSSC). FSSC 22000 is the ISO 22000 and PAS 220
certification scheme for food safety systems of food manufacturers.

What does the PAS 220 address? The specification addresses:

  • Buildings
  • Layout, utilities, workspace, facilities
  • Utilities, air supply, water, energy
  • Waste and sewage disposal
  • Equipment: use, cleaning, maintenance
  • Purchased materials
  • Cross contamination
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Pest control
  • Personnel hygiene
  • Recall
  • Information
  • Food defense

manufacturers interested in using an ISO 22000 Food Safety Managment
System that will be recognized by GFSI will implement the ISO 22000
system with the PAS 220 included in the scope. The FSSC 22000
certification scheme is currently in the benchmarking process with
GFSI, and the process is expected to be comleted in May. To get a jump
on your Food Safety Management System implementation visit us at



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