SQF 7.1 Modules

SQF Edition 7.1 is now available – Implementation date is July 1, 2013

The version 7.1 has only one standard, but will include different modules for the food safety fundamentals that apply to different segments of the food industry.

Every company will use module 2, System Elements and add the module that applies to their industry. Food manufacturers and processors will use module 11. The modules are as follows:

  • Module 1: Scope, References and Definitions
  • Module 2: System Elements
  • Module 4: GMP for Processing of Pet Food
  • Module 5: GAP for Farming of Animal Products
  • Module 6: GAP for Farming of Fish
  • Module 7: GAP for Farming of Plant Products
  • Module 8: GAP for Farming of Grains and pulses
  • Module 9: GMP for Pre-processing of Animal Products
  • Module 10: GMP for Pre-processing of Plant Products
  • Module 11: GMP for Processing of Food Products
  • Module 12: GMP for Transport and Distribution of Food Products
  • Module 13: GMP for Production of Food Packaging
  • Module 14: GMP for Brokers or Agents
  • Module 15: GMP for Food Catering, Wholesale and Retail
  • Module 16: Requirements for SQF Multi-site Programs Managed by a Central Site


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