Understanding the requirements of ISO 22000

When I am working with a company that is beginning to implement the Food Safety Management System, the first thing I want to do is help them understand what the standard is asking of them. I start by training the management team, and make sure to include the person who is most likely to lead the project or become the food safety team leader.

In this training, the focus is an overview of the requirements, and the goal is to give attendees a good feel for what the standard is actually asking the company to do in order to implement the system. It is important that those supporting the project, and that will be providing resources to the project understand what they are committing to.

If you are responsible for this phase of the project, use a Online Training Program. that summarizes the requirements. I also recommend reading ahead in the next posts to get an idea of the steps you will follow so you can also answer questions about how the project plan as they come up

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