Upgrade from SQF 6 to SQF 7

SQF Edition 7.1 has been released. How do you know when to upgrade your Edition 6 to 7.1?

Update: All systems will now be audited to SQF Edition 7.1.

  • If your desk audit is scheduled before July 2012, the audit will use SQF Edition 6 (SQF 2000). You will need to have your facility audit before August of 2012 and the certification decision must be made no later than Sept. 14, 2012. If your project meets all of these dates, the audits will be done to the same edition (Edition 6).
  • If your audits will begin in July 2012 or later you will be audited using SQF Edition 7.
  • Surveillance Audits¬†will continue to use SQF Edition 6 for facilities that are certified to SQF 2000.
  • Recertification Audits¬†will use the SQF Edition 7 as of July 1, 2012.
SQF Transition Package

SQF Transition Package


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