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ISO 22000 Management Review

Another piece of the system that may be new to your organization is management review. Management review is a meeting where top management focuses entirely on the performance of the management system. This is really a jewel in the system.

Management Responsibilities

During the implementation, there are specific responsibilities that management must handle.

The first of these is to establish a Food Safety Policy. It must be appropriate to the organization and conform with statutory and regulatory and customer requirements. The policy must be communicated and understood by everyone in your organization and reviewed for on-going suitability.

Objectives must be established to support the Food Safety Policy. You will measure performance against these objectives and take actions to make sure your organization is complying with the Food Safety Policy.

Management review meetings

A company can gain tremendous improvements with effective management reviews. A typical structure for this system is to have meetings on a scheduled basis, quarterly is effective in many cases, and follow a structured agenda addressing the required items in the standard and topics specific to your organization- remembering that the focus is performance of the management system.

The foundation of management review is the quality goals and objectives established as the management system is designed and built. This is the key benchmark that the performance of the system will be measured against.

Management review will also be where these goals and objectives will be evaluated and updated to keep them relevant and to drive continual improvement.

Management review is an extremely valuable tool.This piece of the quality system can lead to more gains and improvements than any others. When done effectively and with commitment. It truly drives continual improvement.