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Becoming a Lead Auditor

Lead Auditor/Lead Assessor

Certification or Third Party Audits are conducted by Lead Auditors, also called Lead Assessors. To perform audits as a lead auditor you would need to be trained as a lead auditor and get certified through a certification body such as Exemplar Global, IRCA or a similar organization. The have requirements for training as well as for experience. The training course is usually a week-long, on-site training. View a list of Lead Auditor Training Courses. It is best to contact them to find out more about what is required in addition to their Lead Auditor Training.

If you are interested in conducting Third Party audits for SQF, you can learn about their requirements.

Internal Auditor

Internal Auditor Training gives you the qualifications you need to conduct audits within your own organization. We offer online Internal Auditor training that is very convenient and affordable. Click on the links on the right to learn more.

Lead Auditor Training

Lead Auditor Training is important for conducting Third Party Audits. Browse our list of upcoming classes, both online and classroom.

Online Internal Auditor Training