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SQF Corporate Training & Implementation Package
Training for 3 Practitioners, Food Safety Team, Internal Auditors & Employees

SQF Practitioner training

Training for 3 SQF Practitioners, your Food Safety Team, Internal Auditors & Employees

How Long Does it Take?
What's Included?
SQF Practitioner Requirements

The requirements of the SQF Code, Edition 8.1
How to perform a Gap Analysis and prepare your project plan,
How to document your system using the included templates, and
How to perform internal audits.
Includes training for your Food Safety team and internal auditors.
Implement your SQF system with expert guidance
Learn at your own pace, online
No prerequisites
You have 2 years to access the package online
Downloaded checklists and templates are yours to keep forever
Print your certificate of completion
$4999 USD
SQF 8.1 Corporate Training & Implementation Package
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The following 5 courses are included in the package. Each course includes a printable certificate of completion.

The Practitioners will have each have access to the first 4 courses listed and can

  • Assign "Introduction to SQF" to your Food Safety team, up to 10 people
  • Assign "Internal Auditor Training" to your internal auditors, up to 5 people
  • Track the completion status of each of those people
  • Assign Employee Food Safety Basics Training  to up to 100 people
  • Track the completion status of each of those people

You will have two years to access the online training. But, the downloaded templates and checklists are your so keep and use within your facility forever.

Introduction to SQF

Learn about the requirements of the SQF Food Safety Code and what your company needs to do in order to comply. Includes certificate of completion. Takes about 3 hours to complete. Users: 10.

View course details.

Gap Analysis Checklist & Tutorial

Learn how to start your project with a Gap Analysis Audit to measure your current system against the requirements of the standard and create an effective project plan. Checklists are included. Takes about 30 minutes to complete. Users: 1.

View course details.

Templates and Tutorials

Learn how to document your SQF food safety management system. Download templates for your manual, procedures, forms and GMPs. Includes templates for Food Safety Manual, procedures, GMPs and forms. Over 2 hours of video tutorials to explain how to meet the requirements of each document. Includes certificate of completion. Takes about 2 hours to complete. Users: 1.

View course details.

Internal Auditor Training

Learn the steps and techniques of auditing and conduct a practice audit of "Mandy's Vanilla". Print certificate of completion upon completion. Takes about 6 hours to complete. Users: 8


View course details.

Food Safety Basics Employee Training

Train your employees on the basics of food safety including GMP, HACCP, Allergen Management and Food Defense. Each of the 4 courses takes about 1/2 hour to complete. Users: 100


View course details.

Admin Portal

  • Assign training to employees as needed throughout the two years.
  • Access completion reports and training certificates
  • Each course includes  a certificate that you can use as a Record of Training Completion.
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How Long Does it Take?

You do not have to complete this training in one sitting - you can log in and out at your convenience. This course consists of 5 parts, approximate time to finish each part is as follows for a total of about 12 hours:

  • Introduction to SQF - about 3 hours
  • Gap Analysis Tutorial - about half an hour
  • Templates Tutorial - about 2 hours to complete the tutorials
  • Internal Auditor Training - about 6 hours
  • Employee Food Safety Basics Training - each of the 4 courses take about half an hour

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How long do I have to complete the course?

You may login to the course an begin right away. You can log in and out at your convenience and complete the course as you have time. Your account is set up to give you 2 years access. However, the downloaded documents and checklists are yours to keep forever.

Will I be certified after I pass the test?

There is no certification for SQF Practitioners. What you need in order to be a Practitioner is to have completed training on SQF and understand the requirements. This training will meet that requirement and you will be able to print your certificate of completion after you finish the course. SQF Practitioners also need to complete a HACCP Certification course, which is a separate course (we don't offer that course).

This training package helps you learn the requirements of SQF so you can implement SQF in your company, train your employees and prepare your company for the certification audit.

What if I have questions?

No problem! Contact Us!