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Internal Auditor Training
Edition 8 for Manufacturers of Food Packaging

sqf online internal auditor training

Become an Internal Auditor

How to conduct effective internal audits for your company, from start to finish
How to set up a successful internal audit program
Convenient, Online Training
This course is online. Login and out according to your schedule.
Gain experience as you complete exercises and conduct a practice audit.
Meet the training requirements for SQF internal auditing.
Print certificate of completion.
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Internal Auditor Training
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Course Description

Learn the audit process from start to finish: plan your audit, conduct your audit, document your findings, hold your opening and closing meetings. You will have an opportunity to conduct an online practice audit.
Upon successful completion of the final test, you will be able to print your certificate. This SQF Online Internal Auditor Training course meets the criteria listed in the SQF Food Safety Code for Internal Auditor Training.
Take this Course If
You need to be qualified to perform SQF internal audits.
You are responsible for setting up the SQF internal audit program in your company.
You want to be able to conduct SQF internal audits with confidence.
You would like experience conducting a practice SQF internal audit.
You would like to improve your internal auditing skills.
Chapter 1
In order to audit the SQF system, you will need to have a good understanding of the SQF requirements. Chapter 1 will explain in detail the requirements of the SQF Food Safety Code, including the food safety management system and the GMP requirements for Manufacturers of Food Packaging.
Chapter 2
In Chapter 2, you will learn about the internal audit process, from start-to-finish. You will have access to the documents and records you need to conduct an interactive audit of Mandy's Vanilla, reviewing records and procedures and identifying and documenting nonconformances.
Creating your internal auditor program
Scheduling your audits
Preparing checklists
Conducting the audit and audit techniques
Documenting findings
Exercise: Preparing Checklists
Exercise: Conducting the Audit
Exercise: Documenting Findings
Final Test & Certificate
This course takes about 6 hours to complete. There is a quiz at the end of the training. It is not timed. You may refer to your notes. If you do not pass, you may review the course content and retake the quiz.
    Customer Reviews
  • I have just completed the SQF Internal Auditor Training module online. I think this a great course! The scope of the training is extensive and gives the trainee all the tools necessary to develop an effective internal auditing strategy. Whether you have an existing program or are starting from scratch, this training will strengthen your program. This online training module was accepted by our SQF Auditor to satisfy the Internal Auditor training requirement. You can complete the modules at your own pace and practice as much as needed. It is the most cost effective way to get Internal Auditor training. There are no travel or hotel costs making this a great way to train one person or team of internal auditors. Thanks for putting together such a great training tool! Sincerely,
  • I found it to be the best course I have come across after looking at other internal auditing course's employees from other divisions have taken.
  • I have completed the course and printed my certificate. It was a very in depth course and extremely informative. I especially liked the section in the Internal Auditor training where there was an actual “company” to prepare and audit. Very hands-on course. Loved it!! Thanks
  • The course was great and I’m very pleased that I chose the online version of the course vs. taking 5 days to attend a live class.