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Using Teams

Our years of experience assisting companies with Management Systems Implementation have resulted in a very effective method of implementation using a Team Approach.

As we explain this method, think about how big your organization is; for smaller organizations we have used "teams" as small as one or two people. For larger organizations, teams are typically 5 to 7 people.

We recommend using several teams:

  • SQF Steering Team Made up of top management and the SQF Practitioner to lead the project and accomplish management tasks during the implementation.
  • HACCP Team As required by the standard to complete HACCP and Prerequisite requirement, and led by the SQF Practitioner.
  • SQF Task Teams Several Task Teams to design, document and implement the SQF Food Safety Management System procedures to complete your system

    By using the team approach for implementation appropriate individuals from all parts of the organization are involved in the project, leading to an effective and efficient Food Safety Management System.

    This implementation approach is detailed fully in our All in One Package, which we recommend for preparing your project plan, managing your implementation project and training your implementation teams.

The SQF Steering Team

We use one Team to lead the project, and call this the SQF Steering Team. The function of the team is very important. This team will:

  • Meet on a regular basis during the project to complete management tasks,
  • Monitor progress of the project,
  • Resolve questions from the other teams,
  • Allocate the resources needed for the implementation
  • Coordinate the design of the new Food Safety Management System (FSMS).
More detail on this team

The SQF task teams

The Task Teams that are set up will each look at the requirements for their process and procedure. They will be responsible for comparing the requirements of the standard to the current process used at your company. They will:

  • Design a new process, or modify the current process so the company will be meeting SQF requirements.
  • Write a procedure for the new process, and give it to the SQF Steering Team to review.
  • Once the procedure is approved, they will introduce it to employees, training as needed. The company will then start using the new process/procedure.

Learn more! Provide your task teams with implementation plans and procedure and form templates. Register your project leader for:
SQF Templates and Training