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More comments emailed to us by our customers...

Really impressed so far with the layout and approach taken for the material you have provided!

I have enjoyed your program so far and I feel like I will be prepared for taking my company through the SQF process. Thanks so much.

Betty, your job is customer happiness. What an appropriate title for the person that put up with me being stuck on two separate lessons after completing the other 21. I was not here last year during the initial inspection, but the score was 91 then. Last week our auditor returned and was extremely professional and thorough. Closing interview took place and we scored 97... Things I took for granted or assumed----all of a sudden I realized the value of documentation and traceability...The coursework was very valuable. The personal guidance by you will be long remembered. And as I look at moving forward—how many people did WE help. Thank you.

We had purchased your F22K starter kit about a year ago to help with building our FSMS. I just wanted to say you have put together a wonderful product! The tools you provide make creation of these systems so much less time consuming. The support you provided over the phone helped fill in the gaps when needed also. With that said we’ve been certified for a few months now, and that accomplishment was very rewarding. The auditor made mention numerous times that it was his smoothest audit to date! Your product was instrumental in this accomplishment. Thanks

Just wanted to let you know and to say thanks again! We passed out audit Today only a few corrections. Score of 86! But omg what a day, fortunately with all the tips and your package, I had the answers, just very tired and stressful week, month, year! TTYS

Really Great tools & I am grateful to you.

Thank you very much!!!! Your customer service has been great, I really appreciate it!

Betsy, Thanks very much. You always provide excellent customer service.

Awesome. Your service is the best!

Loved the ease of this training!

Thank you. Your insight into the process has been invaluable to me as we navigate through this. I don't often find people as helpful as you so I wanted to take a minute to say how much I appreciate you taking time out of I'm sure a busy schedule. Regards,

I am learning so much. very smooth course to follow.

The course was great and I’m very pleased that I chose the online version of the course vs. taking 5 days to attend a live class.

OMG, Thank you for being soooo prompt & professional. I have spent literally days trying to get this sorted….. with other providers.

We had our initial SQF level 2 Audit in April of 2016 and passed! I am very grateful to have found Vinca as a training tool and you as a resource.

THANK YOU! for creating this set of templates, document examples and tutorials! I have struggled with developing forms and this is a huge time-saver! Again, THANK YOU!!!

I have completed the course and printed my certificate. It was a very in depth course and extremely informative. I especially liked the section in the Internal Auditor training where there was an actual “company” to prepare and audit. Very hands-on course. Loved it!! Thanks

The training material was excellent. It was great for the project I am working on. Thank you again and look forward to working with your tools in the near future. Thank you,

The training has been very helpful for me. It has been a good review of items I have already known and the ones I didn’t know. I wish I would have taken this training earlier. I like that it is on line and work on it when I have time. I have appreciated your help with questions I had and thank you for that.

I have started the documentation section and I am finding that the implementation programme is very good and useful in saving time. I have usually implemented the Food safety systems and HACCP by myself. This programme makes it so much easier and takes the hard grind out of thinking up procedures, PRP's etc. I can now focus on other things and managing my team factory team simply and effectively. Thanks and regards

The course was very challenging and I learned a lot!

It was the perfect course for what I needed.

The programming I took was very helpful. I am looking into taking more classes. Thanks,

Thanks so much - you guys have been wonderful in helping us prepare and feel ready for our upcoming SQF audit. Have a great day!

The course was very good thank you, I like the practical approach you have to internal auditing. Kind regards David

Yes the training was very informative and extremely helpful. Thank you!!

I enjoyed the training and learned alot. It is very helpful in applying it to our site operation.

It helped a lot. I was able to better understand Internal Audits. Great to know you value our business relationship.I appreciate your diligence in communicating asking for feedback, those are little differences that stick, and can turn into BIG considerations when making decisions on who to go for training opportunities. Have a wonderful weekend,

Thank you for your interest. I really have to compliment you for such an excellent document. I am currently aligning and incorporating your checklist with ours for use by our internal auditors. I found your checklist extremely comprehensive and helpful. It is for sure one of my better acquisitions for this year. We plan to use it on July for our internal audits. Regards Heila

The Internal Audit Training is a very useful tool in our certification process. I am the second person to take the course from our facility and between both our studies the information is very beneficial to us. We now just have to fix a few minor non-conformances and we should be certified with an A grade. I can't think of any issues with the training as it was very useful for us. Thanks for assisting in the process and thanks for the discount offer. Have a Great Day ~Brock

The package to me was a big help made me understand what needs to be done for the SQF System a lot better and saved me time on setting up the whole system from scratch A+. ~Francisco

I took the Internal Auditor Training. I really liked the training. I believe it was a great idea to train with a practical exercise. Thank you, ~Gaby

I am very well, my Internal Auditor training that i purchased, help me to more performance in my job now. Your training is the best service and products. ~Nancy

As this was a secondary course for an SQF Requirement a good amount of the material covered wasn't pertinent to the scope of my training needed. That being said, I actually found the course to be quick and easy in comparison to the SQF Practitioner course. Internal auditing is not an easy task and training in this subject is hard to administer appropriately. I give this course a 4 out of 5 stars as there is a good amount of course work that is involved and this is what is needed to understand internal audition as a whole. ~Nathan

Are you lost in the maze of food safety requirements, certification schemes, and alphabet soups??? The Vinca Online Training Courses can walk you through the process of implementing an effective and stream lined food safety management system and help get your company get certified. The certification process can be overwhelming and complicated unless you have a systematic step-by-step process that can lead you through the maze, Vinca Online Courses are the answer!

Thank you for the follow-up and yes the training package was very beneficial and I completed it. With the HACCP training I completed I am now a SQF Practitioner. It was a pleasure to use your online training. Very easy to navigate and informational.

We purchased the SQF Document Templates from you back in December last year and find them extremely useful.

The training was great! Thanks,

Thank you I am so thankful that your company is easy to work with!!! Have a great day!

We are moving forward with our SQF implementation using the Premium Package trainings and documents. We have top management directly involved and that is because of the information and structure your program provided.

Thank you - I am really enjoying using the system; it is very user friendly. As I have new training needs I will certainly be in touch.

"Just wanted to thank you for the information you provided through your website. Best purchase I’ve ever suggested to my company. We only had a few issues during our preliminary audit (all were expected and none with documentation). Our certification audit should be a breeze regarding procedures and documents. I used the PRP template and added a little info for my own benefit (risk assessment info to justify if we didn’t meet compliance). Auditor commented on “never seeing a company use that format, but it worked well and saved time”. Thought I should pass that on.
Thank you!"

Debbie S

The Premium BRC Package is a great value whether you are a novice of experienced pro. The training sets the stage and highlights all of the components of the BRC GFSS and the templates make sure that you don't overlook the details.

Update from Debbie S:
"We are just waiting on receiving the certificate in the mail! Your product was awesome!"

"... Great value...Solid customer support...Solid training tools and materials...A great training tool...Wonderful accessory/companion tool for implementing a 22000 program" Bob

Dear Cynthia,
Thank you for a fantastic product!


Thank you for the templates! They are so easy to use and make life a lot easier.

Dear Cynthia,
I have just completed the SQF Internal Auditor Training module online. I think this a great course! The scope of the training is extensive and gives the trainee all the tools necessary to develop an effective internal auditing strategy. Whether you have an existing program or are starting from scratch, this training will strengthen your program.

This online training module was accepted by our SQF Auditor to satisfy the Internal Auditor training requirement. You can complete the modules at your own pace and practice as much as needed. It is the most cost effective way to get Internal Auditor training. There are no travel or hotel costs making this a great way to train one person or team of internal auditors. Thanks for putting together such a great training tool!
Michael Wadsworth
Quality Control Manager
Follmer Development Inc.

"Thank you to you and Cynthia for it has saved me many hours. Your procedures have help me so much in our implementation and I want to thank you. the procedures are fully implemented and we have been certified FSSC now. My food safety coordinator attend your training sessions as well which was really beneficial"

"Thank you so much ! Great customer service.
Rose M.

"Thank you for your assistance. We are now ISO22000 certified.
T. Musendo
Parmalat Zambia

"Hi Betsy, Project is going well. Thank you very much for the assistance, you guys are great! Best regards"


"The training is going great and I am planning to complete it this weekend"


" I completed the internal auditor training and I found it to be a valuable and worth-while course"

"I have found the information very pleasing in that it is clearly understood, set out in a very computer friendly manner as the various fields flow nicely into each other helping one to understand the organization that ISO 22000 requires before certification."
Craig, Hygiene and Pest Control

"Dear Mr.Betsy Hsiao, I am extremly happy to note that you have responded immediately to my quiries & acknowledge with many thanks. Thanking you again, With regards, Your faithfully, H.J."

Congratulations to our customer, SULFO RWANDA INDUSTRIES S.A., who acheived ISO the certification for their Drinking Water plant from m/s URS, Egypt. Also, their company is the very first to obtain the ISO 22000.2005 Certification in Rwanda and for the Drinking water, they are the very first in the Central and East African region, if not in the entire African continent!!

"Dear Cynthia, I would delight to inform you, that our company, PT.Matahari Putra Prima Tbk, Bisnis Unit Hypermart as a one of the biggest retail now in Indonesia, already got ISO-22000 - Food Safety Management System certificate on 20 February 2009 issued by SAI Global.So far, we are the only one retailer in Indonesia got this certificate.We as a Team ISO-22000, in our company from the begriming working hard and smart to establish the system within our company. First step was difficult but after we understand the system properly, step by step, we can do it more easily. By the way thank you very much for the information that you always sent it to me. It is very important and valuable to full fill me as a Team Leader to lead our team to achieve our goal.

I know it is just a begriming step, because to maintain what we have got, not as simple as other people think.but we always believe work as a team with full commitment like you say, can help us to archive our goal. For the next step also, we are going to cascade to other outlets in entire indonesia island, because our commitment we want to be a pioneer to campaign Food Safety to our customer and to all Indonesian community. Even though to be fair to say that if we talk about Food safety, it should become every body concern, from farm up to the table, and government also should be play their role on this part. But still, we have to star from our part first to influence other parties to participate in Food Safety Issues .because everyone has right to have Healthy and Safety Food."
Johny CM Loelan

"The training provided an improvement in the knowledge of ISO 22000. A single most important thing that happened in our company is that a good method for making primary diagnostic analyses was provided and used."
Yerevan, Armenia: A processor of bottled water

"As a result of the assistance and training, we have agreed on ISO 22000 as the standard to pursue for certification, have started to write the food safety manual and have started on the changes necessary to have a plant in adequate condition to achieve certification. "
La Huachaca, Bolivia: A processor of Quiona grain

"The training provided to the staff was extensive and with the presentations the requirements and how to meet them were easy to understand. We have been motivated to become the first company in Bolivia to be ISO 22000 certified."
La Paz, Bolivia: A manufacturer of nutritional supplements

"The assistance enabled us to gather data, set guidelines and follow recommendations that would ensure the sustainability of our export business in conformity with GMP food safety standards. "
Cebu, Philippines: A processor of dried fruit

As a result of the training, we acquired adequate information on how to improve GMP for our enterprise.
Ponteverda, Philippines: A manufacturer of musovado (brown sugar)

"The training in GMP resulted in our personnel being able to follow GMP practices that are described in our manual."

Tagbilaran, Philippines: A producer of bread and bakery products

Congratulations to our customer, SULFO RWANDA INDUSTRIES S.A., who acheived ISO the certification for their Drinking Water plant from m/s URS, Egypt. Also, their company is the very first to obtain the ISO 22000.2005 Certification in Rwanda and for the Drinking water, they are the very first in the Central and East African region, if not in the entire African continent!!